Saturday, 27 July 2013

Home Care Services

Home Care Services 

                                      Home care services are those that allow a person stay in home with special needs. These services are for the people that might be ill, chronically ill or recovering from injuries or disabled.                                                                                                                      

  ((Types of Home services))                                                  

   Home services can be of following different types                                                         
1)             PERSONAL CARE:                                             
 Include help with Bathing, washing hair, and getting dressed.                                                                                       

2)             HOME MAKING:                
                 Involves cleaning, yard working and laundry.                        

3)          Co0king and delivering meals

4)        MEDICAL CARE:

             It includes health care such as having home health aide coming to your home for help                      and care.       

                                                ((Home services free/ purchased))             

               1)   Home care services are either free or donated.
               2)    Some times people purchased them or pay for them.                                                                              
               3)  Sometimes govt  programs or health insurance can help you.

                                                    ((AIMS AND OBJECTIVES))


                 a) to provide individuals with quality support.
                 b) Maximizes their potential.
                c) Enable them to live full and purposeful life.

                  a)  To provide you with care and support at your own home.
                  b)  At times that is convenient to you.
                  c)  In ways you find the easiest.
                  d) For as long as possible.

                                  < (<   Motto of Home health services>)>

Quality of life    Having choice & control
Making a positive contribution      Personal dignity & respect
Freedom from discrimination & harassment Improved health & emotional well-being
Economic well-being.
      ((Countries providing Health care services))

    1) Europe
      2) North America
      3) USA
     4)   UK
       5)    Canada.